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Batala in One Day

Being a small city Batala offers limited tourist spots. However, it is one of the most important cities in the history of India. The city not only offers religious spots but also disseminates the cultural mixture of the Mughals and Sikh. A trip to Batala is recommended for those who are staying in nearby cities and those who are interested in taking a tour of Punjab. The city can be explored just in a day. Including a day for Batala tour while roaming in Punjab will positively compile interests with relaxation. Furthermore, those who reside in the city and does not get a chance to explore it will be profited by the following itinerary.

One Day Itinerary for Batala

A day trip in Batala should ideally begin early in the morning preferably at 8.00 am. The trip consists of sight-seeing, tasting authetic food of Punjab, shopping in the local markets and a relaxing dinner at one of the food joints of Batala.

Sight Seeing in Batala

The commencement of the day consists of visit to religious spots. Visit to Achleswar Dham and Achal Sahib Gurdwara takes about half an hour by car from the city. It is recommended to reach Achleshwar Dham by 8.30 am.

Achleshwar Dham and Achal Sahib:This place is a sacred spot for Hindu devotees. It is situated about 8 kms from the city. If not visiting during the festival, a trip to the temple is always memorable. It stands near the pond with clear water which makes it scenically beautiful. The temple can be visited at any time of the day when no festivals are celebrated. During the fair of Kartikeya, the entrance to the temple is guarded by police and visitors can only enter the premises in a queue.

Another Gurdwara Achal Sahib is situated just opposite to this temple. Tourists, especially followers of Sikhism, visit this Gurdwara to offer prayers. Achil Sahib is also related to the life of Guru Nanak Dev.

Achal Sahib Gurdwara

Visit to these two places will require about an hour' time. If offering prayers at temple, one must wait for the Puja to begin. Offerings are however accepted anytime of the day.

After visiting these two religious places, come back to the city for a visit to historical monuments. Favorable conditions of weather and road will allow the tourist to reach the city at 10.00 am. The following historical spots are placed inside the city. Hence a trip to these spots will consume about another two and half hours.

Maharaja Sher Singh Palace:  Maharaja Sher Singh PalaceThis is the palace of the Hindu Maharaja of the city. The palace has been typical example of the love for architecture at that time. The walls are plastered in mud which provided cool atmosphere inside the palace during summer and scorching heat. Attached to this palace is the Union Baring Church College which is in charge of the monument along with government provision of historic monument preservation.

Union Baring College Chapel: Union Baring Church CollegeIt is an architectural beauty that holds an interesting history as well. It is built during the Raj and must be visited once. Carvings and paintings are the main attraction of this chapel. A visitor can also offer prayer here.

Hazira: It is the tomb of Shamsher Khan who originally developed this city. The tomb also provides a visitor the opportunity to glimpse on architecture of that time. Beautiful decorations on the walls are an example of the Mughal architecture.

Jal Mahal: It is said that Maharaja used to conduct important meetings here. A tunnel connected the palace and Beas River. The remnants of the tunnel can be seen near Kahnuan, a few kilometers from Batala. The glass carvings and wall paintings were once beautiful whose bits and pieces are still available for history lovers.

Next one must visit Gurdwara Kandh Sahib. This visit can be scheduled after lunch if early lunch is planned or before lunch in case lunch is planned after 1.30 pm.

Gurdwara Kandh Sahib:
This religious spot has been preserved for centuries. The legendary wall still stands erect inside the Gurdwara. Visitors can offer prayer here at any time of the day.

Food after Tour in Batala

After roaming through the city, tasty and good food is a must. Punjabi food not only looks attractive but also tastes delicious and Batala offers authentic Punjabi cuisine in the roadside dhabas. Hence, while roaming through the length and breadth of Batala, lunch can be arranged in one of the road side dhabas for the visitors. It is recommended since these dhabas prepare food in a hygienic method. Chicken tandoori is famous Punjabi food that non-veg visitors must taste. There are many local dhabas near the religious spots mentioned here. Visitors will only get Punjabi food and thalis in the dhaba.

There are few restaurants equipped with modern amenities inside the city which also serves good food and variety of cuisines.

Return to hotel and comfort yourself with a short relaxation.

Evening in Batala

The evening can be spent shopping and exploring the local bazaars. Start exploring the markets early. Hire a car or taxi at about 5-6 pm in the evening and visit the following markets for shopping of memoirs and traditional crafts.

Maharaja Market:
Punjabi traditional works like phulkari are available in this local bazaar. Ethnic wears and footwears are also suggested as a memoir from this bazaar.

Zail Ghar Market:
A local bazaar with contemporary and traditional products.

Aadhar Mall:
A mall with modern amenities and latest brand shops.

Shopping and roaming through these markets will consume about two-three hours in the evening which will culminate to dinner time.

The rest of the day can be spent at leisure with the best Punjabi cuisine as dinner.

The town of Batala can be explored in just a day since it is limited to a very small area. The city is also mainly visited by rice and sugar mill owners of various other cities for C.I. Castings required for machineries. Private cabs can be booked for a tour around the city for such purchases.

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